Hi, I am Jess Mijares.

I am a photographer who calls Las Vegas, NV home. I am just a simple dude with great dreams. I do have a passion for photography and food. Capturing the moment, immortalizing it, and sharing it with your loved ones is the goal.

I have always had a fascination with taking photos even from a young age. The first time I took an actual photo was when I was 4 or 5. Crazy how I still remember that moment. Starting from a 35mm film point and shoot to my current setup is a definite upgrade.

I have worked with an amazing friend and a great mentor. I have a link below so you can go visit his site as well. I currently work with the best client-matching agencies that have led me to work with some of the industry leaders in their field.

I look forward to working with people not only by directing them but also by working with the vision that you have. Together, let's work creatively and achieve that goal.

Check it out!

The links below are some of the greatest links to see who I have worked with and what I can do. You can reach me in any way possible through the links below.